We wanted to create a brand that embodies the things that we LOVE most - yoga, nature, & modern design.

Prints were photographed during a recent expedition up the Las Piedras river to one of the most pristine & biodiverse regions in the world.

Our aim was to capture the raw essence of the Amazon jungle &  express beauty that is natural & free-spirited.

Our yogi pants are made of a lightweight breathable high performance fabric.

They offer the right amount of compression in order to fit perfectly like a second skin, allowing you to move freely.

+ LEAH 21


+ DIA 37


The yarns are spun from high-quality recycled PET to reduce plastic water bottles from being dumped into our earth & oceans, & printed using an eco-friendly process that does not use toxic chemicals or acids.

We are proud to support & work alongside conservation charities to help protect the Amazon Rainforest.

Eco-friendly Apparel  |  Made in Canada