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We are committed to leaving light footprints in what we do, as well as supporting initiatives to keep our planet clean and green. 15% of sales profits directly supports our conservation project, Junglekeepers, and other charity partners, to help fund missions to protect the earth and its biodiversity.


One of the biggest environmental challenges that we face today is plastic pollution. There are trillions upon trillions of plastic items in our landfills, rivers, lakes, and oceans. Plastic takes a long time to decompose and can contaminate our soil and water with toxic chemicals, which has a destructive impact on human health. 

To counteract this, we use recycled plastic fabrics where ever possible. Our yogi pants, for example, gives 20 plastic water bottles a second life by saving it from being dumped into our environment.  As plastics live a long time, our products are made to last as well.


We use an eco-friendly printing technology called dye sublimation that does not pollute the water with toxic chemicals and acids, as with other traditional printing processes. As no toxins are used, the production process is safe for the workers, you, and the environment. 



Sustainability also extends to our social environment as well. We believe in creating a world that nurtures through love and kindness, and take this approach towards everyone who works with us to manifest this vision into reality.  It's important for us that our production partners share those values and pays it forward in their own community. 

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